Chain Conveyors

When conveying your product to and from its destination, you want equipment that gets it there quickly and safely. Norstar Chain Conveyors offer unmatched efficiency and provide gentle handling for a wide range of material. Norstar offers two models of chain conveyors; the En-Masse Conveyor and the Incline Conveyor, each with their own distinct applications. Feature a robust construction and utilizing tough Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddles and heavy-duty roller chain, our conveyors provide long-lasting quality and excellent performance.

Efficient Handling

Norstar Chain Conveyors offer high efficiencies by allowing greater volumes of material to flow in a relatively small conveyor housing. The skeletal chain and paddle assembly requires less housing space than auger or belt systems. This leaves more room for material fill (especially in En-Masse designs). Not only does this system allow for a higher rate of fill, but it also requires less horsepower to operate; take up lass space; and has less overall maintenance costs than other conveying options.


  • Size range: 9” x 9” – 18” x 18”
  • Conveyance speeds up to 175RPM
  • Capacities up to 14,000 BPH (350 Tons Per Hr.)
  • Shaft mounted DODGE Gearbox
  • Bolt-on ¼” and ½” Thick UHMW Paddles
  • Pit Hopper widths: 16” – 58 5/8”
  • Optional incline sections from 5° – 15°
  • Premium powder coat finish

Incline Conveyors

  • Size range: 10” x 9” – 24” x 24”
  • Conveyance speeds up to 175 RPM
  • Capacities up to 16,200 BPH (405 Tons per hr.)
  • Shaft-mounted DODGE gearbox
  • Bolt-on ¼” and ½” thick UHMW paddles
  • Pit Hopper widths: 22” – 58 5/8”
  • Incline sections from 15° – 45°
  • Premium powder coat finish