Grain Guard Rocket & Tube Aeration

The Rocket Aeration System

Farmers have trusted the dependable aeration expertise of Grain Guard for over 25 years. In that time, we have manufactured a premium range of fans and aeration products, with the goal of continual product improvement. The addition of Grain Guard’s new 4″ wide corrugated bin line completes your grain storage system in one stop.

Our latest aeration innovations include the revolutionary Retro Rocket, as well as the enhanced and stronger Next Generation Rocket. Both of these innovations allow farmers to effectively condition or natural air dry the grain in their new or existing hopper bins.

The Next Generation Rocket – An innovative, stronger, and even more reliable Rocket.

  • Smooth louvered surface allows for cleaner unloading
  • 4% to 8% more louvered surface area (depending on model) than the Classic Rocket
  • Improved performance through re-design to provide more air delivery to the center of the hopper, where air is most difficult to move
  • New re-designed side legs and internal support rings provide greater structural strength, up to 125%  greater than the Classic Rocket
  • Improved design results in increasing vertical loading up to 30′ in grain height
  • 3 leg design provides better stability in the bin
  • New design allows the installation of the Next Generation Rocket into commercial applications by simply adding extra legs, up to five on the 7000 series and up to eight on the 8000 series
  • The Next Generation Rocket is a result of 5 years of field testing

The Retro Rocket – The only do-it-yourself rocket system that allows you to retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth-walled bins with proven Grain Guard aeration.

  • Easy, two person “do-it-yourself” installation in less than 45 minutes
  • Retro fits your existing smooth-walled or bolt together hopper bottom bin with the markets top performing aeration system
  • Delivers air to the center core of the bin where desired the most
  • Lightweight computer modeled, farm tested design
  • Unique folding design allows unit to be places inside bin with minimal effort
  • Unit features simple detachable hinges, allowing it to come apart and fit through smaller bin openings one section at a time, as well as quick reassembly and installation once inside the bin
  • The same performance and advantages of the Classic double walled Rocket
  • A more robust three leg design for increased resistance to side loads resulting from uneven grain flow when unloading the bin

Meridian Rocket & Tube Aeration

Meridian AirMax Aeration

The Meridian AirMax Aeration System cools and dries grain, minimizes the risk of bugs, allows farmers to start harvesting earlier and significantly decreases the chance of spoilage.

Vertical One-Piece Aeration

  • Aeration system design natural air grain drying as conditions permit
  • Continuous screen from top to bottom
  • Angle rib construction distributes point load pressures
  • 24” rib spacing maximizes aeration area
  • Complete interior screen perforated to lid
  • Duct clean out shroud
  • Factory installed in 40 & 45 degree Meridian bins at time of manufacture
  • 3 leg design

Horizontal Aeration

  • Aeration design enables easy removal of aeration tube for cleaning or fertilizer storage
  • Continuous screen from end to end
  • Angle rib construction distributes point load pressures
  • 24” rib spacing maximizes aeration area
  • Bolt-in version is available for installation into existing hopper bins. Duct is removable

Vertical (Sectional) Aeration

  • Designed for installation into existing hopper bins
  • Sectional pieces fit through a standard Meridian man-way for installation inside the hopper bin
  • Aeration system design enables natural air grain drying as conditions permit
  • Continuous screen from top to bottom
  • Engineered honeycomb frame sections
  • 24” rib spacing maximizes aeration area
  • Full leg support 4’ up aeration
  • Duct clean out shroud
  • Fits 35,40,45,55 and 60 degree cones
  • 4 leg design

Unique Features

Vertical Natural Air Drying System:

  • Designed to easily retrofit your existing hopper bins.
  • Retro system is designed and approved for installation in steeper cones and use in high moisture grain
  • Larger screen surface aera maximizes the effectiveness of your drying, cooling and aeration efforts
  • Optional extra support leg increases stability in high-flow applications
  • Full support legs ensure a durable, problem free system.

Horizontal Aeration System:

  • Easily removed for quick cleaning or when storing fertilizer
  • Larger screen surface area maximizes the effectiveness for cooling and aerating grain
  • Available bolt-in kit for installation in existing hopper bins