Seed & Fertilizer Storage

Premium Multi-Purpose Grain Bins

Meridian Built Fertilizer Bins are the most versatile, multi-purpose hopper bins available today. Used most often to store and handle fertilizer, grain, feed and seed, their versatility extends to coal, sand and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.

GrainMax Bins

Grain Max hopper bins offer top quality grain and seed storage at prices comparable to corrugated hopper combos. Without bolts and ribs, the Grain Max seamless interior allows for safe and easy unloading, while ensuring no seed or contaminates are trapped on the walls or joints.

Completely self cleaning with no obstructions, Grain Max hopper bins are the safest and most efficient grain bins available. You and your family will appreciate the quality and safety of Grain Max, and the time and energy saved handling grain in a smooth-wall bin.

Steep Cone Storage

Meridian’s smooth-wall hoppers are the most versatile multi-purpose bins available with Meridian’s heavy duty No Compromise construction. The Meridian Steep Cone Series is your solution for commodities with bridging concerns and inconsistent flow. Built with the same standards as the fertilizer series, a smooth cone with our exclusive high slip factor powder coating, the Meridian Steep Cone features a 55° bottom cone with capacities up to 202 metric ton.

Seedmax Bins

Meridian’s SeedMax is a package of our smooth-wall bins we’ve designed specifically to accommodate any type of dry flowable seed product. SeedMax sizes range from 500 bushels to 5,000 bushels. Bulk seed sites are designed by Meridian’s trained dealers and offered in a variety of size configurations to accommodate your needs. SeedMax bins are designed to provide you the safest and most cost effective seed storage solution, while helping you ensure the integrity and cleanliness required when handling seed.