Brock Aeration Floor with Parthenon Supports

Brock’s award-winning combination of the TRI-CORR Bin Floor and its PARTHENON Floor Support System provides a super-strong tool for bin aeration tasks on the farm.

The revolutionary design of Brock’s unique TRI-CORR Bin Aeration Flooring System gives it remarkable strength. Plus, it includes the best features of Brock’s popular aeration floors to provide ample, even air distribution and to allow easy bin clean-out. The patented Brock TRI-CORR Floor System can be used in bins ranging in diameters from 12 to 90 feet (30.5 m). Different by design, Brock named the unique floor TRI-CORR because of its distinctive triangle-shaped center leg and its strength-providing corrugations on the floor’s surface and legs for added stability and long life.

Brock’s TRI-CORR Floor Design:

  • Increases the overall strength and offers three times more support at the floor’s crown compared to previous aeration floor designs.
  • Features a unique, triangle-shaped center leg, reinforcing the center of the floor plank to help give the floor extraordinary strength and rigidity.
  • Provides a flat floor plank for easier bin sweeping and grain clean-up operations
  • Designed so the plank and the floor support perform as a unit, standing up to the stress of repeated loading and unloading.
  • Handles normal operating loads imposed by most stirring devices.
  • Floor planks nest together more tightly, making the floor plank bundles more stable and easier to handle during shipping and installation.

Floor Planks

  • With its innovative, strength-giving, modified “M”-shaped profile, every Brock TRI-CORR System floor plank measures 7 inches wide x 1 & 1/2 inches deep (178×38 mm).
  • Brock’s exclusive TRI-CORR Floor profile adds a unique middle support leg to the floor plank to provide a third weight-bearing point. Other floors use only two. This ground-breaking design gives tremendous strength to Brock’s floor both for between supports and for transferring the weight load from the plank to the floor support.
  • Planks are roll-formed for high-tensile, galvanized steel.
  • To accommodate various sizes of grain, hole size options include openings that are .050 or .094 inches (q.3 or 2.4 mm) in diameter.

PARTHENON Grain Bin Floor Support

  • The innovative Brock PARTHENON Support System (patented) is designed specifically for use with Brock’s TRI-CORR Aeration Flooring and offers superior load-bearing capacity complimenting the strength of the TRI-CORR Floor.
  • Brock’s PARTHENON Supports are available to provide 13&3/4 or 18&1/2- inch (349- or 470- mm) floor heights for grain drying and aeration. The low PARTHENON System requires only half the usual number of support rows, plus it reduces the number of supports needed by two thirds.
  • PARTHENON Supports use a non-staggered installation and easily lock together with an included inter-lock system to eliminate movement.
  • The support’s design helps to compensate for uneven concrete flooring.
  • Aerodynamic design of the support’s built-in vertical column aids efficient airflow in tunnels and near fans.
  • The combination of Brock TRI-CORR Floor Systems installed with PARTHENON Supports carries a five-year warranty. TRI-CORR or PARTHENON components installed separate carry a one-year warranty.