Brock Shur-Step Bin Stairs

Add the Convenience of a Stairway to Your Commercial Storage Bins

Would you like to be able to check the condition of stored grain and accessing roof-top mounted equipment without climbing a ladder? Now you can have the convenience and advantages of a stairs on your grain bin with the BROCK Shur-Step® Bin Stairs.

The wide, sturdy steps of BROCK Shur-Step Stair feature raised perforations forming a non-skid surface, are fabricated from galvanized steel for long-lasting service and conform to OSHA standards.

Manufactured from tough, galvanized steel, the BROCK Shur-Step Stairway’s features include:

  • Wide, sturdy steps.
  • Raised perforations forming a non-skid surface.
  • Conforms to OSHA standards.
  • Are fabricated from tough, galvanized steel for long-lasting service.
  • Follows the wall contour of the bin.
  • Can be installed while the bin is being erected or added later.
  • Stairs can be mounted to go either to the right or left around the bin.
  • Stairs may be located to serve more than one bin.
  • Fits all BROCK® Farm and Commercial Bins.
  • Also fits many other grain bins (15-foot/4.6-m diameter or greater) having 9-3/8-inch (238-mm) horizontal bolt spacing and 32-inch (813-mm) ring width.

BROCK SHUR-STEP Bin Stairs – another reason more people are making their next bin Brock!