Stiffened Commercial Hopper Bins

Sturdy Steel Structure for Strength and Reliability

Because commercially-used holding tanks have greater strength requirements, BROCK® Commercial Hopper Tank offers:

  • Strong 30° roof helps support the weight of roof-mounted conveying equipment – up to 7,500 pounds (3,400 kg) depending on bin diameter.
  • All-galvanized steel stiffener design is one of the strongest available to help your silos stand up to the constant stress and strain of stored grain.
  • Strong gravity-flow hopper bottom angle aids the unloading of wet or dry whole kernel grains of many types. Hopper angles available are: 60° angle on 15- through 21-foot (4.6- through 6.4-m) diameter bin models, 45° angle on 15- through 24-foot (4.6- through 7.3-m) diameter bin models and 40° angle on 27- through 36-foot (8.2- through 11.0-m) diameter bin models.
  • Brock’s specially-engineered hopper/bin support beam that encircles the tank at the top of the hopper for greater strength and reliability. Beam evenly distributes the weight of both the tank and hopper to the strong leg support structure.
  • Brock’s five-year warranty for commercial bins – see Brock’s full written warranty for complete warranty details.

Other unique Brock features include:

  • Top quality prime steel sidewall body sheets with a tensile strength up to 65 ksi (448 Mpa).
  • The sturdy support structures on some Brock tank models have a corrosion resistant galvanized finish while other models feature high-grade, enamel-painted steel. Both provide longevity and low maintenance.
  • A 12-inch (305-mm) hopper discharge opening for use with optional gates with rack and pinion or rollers.
  • Identification codes on every body sheet identify manufacturing date, part number, and steel gauge.
  • Sidewalls are assembled using Brock’s high-strength Grade 8.2 bin seal bolts with special JS-1000™ weather-resistant coating.
  • Optional Grade 8.2 polypropylene-encapsulated head bolts provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Bin anchor system securely fastens the bin to the foundation and is designed to withstand winds up to 90 mph (145 kph).
  • Optional sidewall ladders, as well as safety cages and rest platforms, conform to OSHA standards and are fabricated from galvanized steel for long-lasting service.
  • A wide variety of optional Brock components (easy-to-use sidewall doors, ladder security doors, aeration fans, plus others) are also available.
  • Planning assistance and foundation drawings for typical applications are available.