Grain Bin Unloads & Sweeps

Norstar – ATLAS Posi-Trac Sweep

Norstar’s ATLAS Posi-Trac Sweep is designed to provide advanced traction and power to commercial storage operations. Sometimes traditional tractor drives simply do not offer enough traction to keep your sweep moving forward efficiently. Instead of a tractor drive, the ATLAS Posi-Trac features an innovative “Trac System” that guides the sweep around the bin and ensures continuous forward motion into the grain without letting the sweep slip. The ATLAS Posi-Trac sweep is designed for bin diameters ranging from 30′-105′ and offers capacities upto 10,000 Bu/Hr (250 MT/Hr)*.

Norstar Paddle Sweep – Day Star

The Day Star Paddle Sweep offers advanced cleanout and safe operation to your grain storage. Its rubber paddle conveyance system is safer than a traditional sweep auger and it allows you to sweep your bin at up to 5,000Bu/Hr. The sweep is driven by the unloader and requires no secondary power source. This allows you to empty yout bin quickly and enter the bin less.

Move grain up to 5,000 Bu/Hr at 350 RPM

Springland Bin Uload

A significant amount of force is required to propel a sweep around a bin. The Springland Sweep uses a hydraulically driven Positive Drive System (PDS) to advance the sweep. A hydraulic pump and control, located outside the bin, supply oil flow to the PDS motor. Pressure and flow are adjustable for various conditions.