BROCK/Riley Distributors

Riley Equipment manufactures a wide range of distributors to meet any operation’s needs.

  • Styles include – Flatback, 360, Swing & Dual Swing Distributors.
  • Both manual and electric models.
  • Available with 6-12 outlets and diameters from 6-24 inches.

Distributor Details

Choose from single and double, manual and electric distributors. Products include the Flat Back 45°, Flat Back 60°, 360° -45° and 360° -60°.

The 45° distributor includes a built-in cushion box, and the 60° distributor includes an AR steel liner in the lower half of the inner turn spout. Discharge outlets are lined with 14-gauge mild steel.

Standard galvanized products are available in 6, 8, 10, or 12 outlets and diameters from 6 to 24 inches.

Riley distributors are available with a full range of options including:

  • Lining, urethane or ceramic
  • Electric touch screen control panels
  • Distributor cable guide
  • Control rod standoff bracket
  • Upper cable pulley bracket
  • Lower cable control with crank
  • Lower floor stand control
  • Hole cover plates
  • Inner spout dust end seal

Distributors include angel flanged inlet, discharges and bolted access door. Inverted cone design helps prevent material build-up on the bottom. The inner turn spout is supported on two flange bearings and is designed for easy removal and replacement. The 45° distributor includes a build-in cushion box and the 60° distributor includes AR steel liner in lower half of inner turn spout. Standard discharge outlets are lined with 14 gauge mild steel, other liners are available.

Controls include pipe, cable or electric. Pipe control includes the bottom floor stand, upper cable pulley bracket and foot pedal, less pipe and cable. Cable controls includes upper cable pulley bracket, bottom control crank and foot pedal, less cable. Electric controls include the use of positive, TEFC gear motor drive and switches in lower control tub.

Standard distributor construction is galvanized with painted seams. Stainless steel and powder coated finishes are also available as week as sizes other than those listed.

Distributor Controls

  • Touch screen panel, shown above, allows for manual or automatic control
  • Alarm screen for troubleshooting
  • Each outlet can be given a user defined name up to 20 characters long
  • Each outlet position is sensed by its own limit switch
  • AC Drive controls brake motor to ensure distributor stays in place
  • Over travel switches to eliminate the possibility of a crash
  • Controller has ethernet port for connecting to other automation
  • Requires only 120 VAC to power box

Swing Distributor Details

  • Square flanged inlet with AR steel liner.
  • Round or Square flanged discharge outlets
  • Swing spouts and outlets lined with ¼” urethane liner
  • 10 Ga. Galvanized construction
  • Removable end panels to allow access from either end
  • Split bodies are made with a 3” angle frame with holes in the corners for lifting and mounting distributor into place
  • Swing spouts are supported on bearings
  • 50° maximum flow angle
  • Spouts are driven with a positive roller chain drive powered by a C-face gear reducer with a brake
  • Limit switches are housed in a dust tight enclosed located on the outside of the distributor for ease of maintenance.