Sudenga – SI-2000 Batching System

Computer Features

  • Windows XP operating system
  • Dual hard drives with RAID controller for fault tolerant data redundancy
  • All information and history stored in ODBC compliant database

Batching Panel Features

  • Real time process controller running independent of computer
  • All input/output relays are optically isolated to insure long and problem free operation
  • Two speed major and micro ingredient motor outputs

Software Features

  • Unlimited formula, group and location information storage
  • Group phase feeding lists based on weight on phase, days on phase, weight or days, or both
  • Select able flush ingredient, amount and mix time for each formula
  • Automatic ingredient freefall compensation
  • The operator can select the order in which the ingredients are batched
  • Select able minimum and maximum deviation for each ingredient
  • Track inventory on-hand and cost of each ingredient
  • User can set recorder point for each ingredient
  • Hand add inventory, cumulative usage and formula cumulative usage tracking


  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for computer and batching panel
  • NTEP approved scale indicators