Flat Bottom Liquid Storage

Standard Features

  • Made from 304L stainless steel to handle the safe storage of highly corrosive fertilizers
  • 24” man way for easy access to interior of tank
  • 4” vented dome cap
  • 10-degree slope on dome
  • Two 4” FPT discharge and recirculating ports
  • Volume labeled sight gauge
  • ¾” sight gauge tube with stainless auto shutoff valve
  • Lifting Lugs
  • 2 Year manufacturers warranty

Great Features. Great Quality.

  • Manufactured to engineered specs in a controlled environment.
  • All workmanship is visually inspected for quality.
  • Process includes pressure testing and an acid wash to remove any impurities.
  • Capable of holding strong Nitrogen, Phosphate and Sulphur.
  • Appealing exterior that will not need painting or repairs of nicks that occur with other materials.
  • Interior will only need periodic cleaning from foreign material that may come off Fertilizer.
  • No flaking, cracking, splitting or fibres coming off the walls of a stainless still tank.
  • Provide many years of maintenance free storage of your valuable fertilizer.



Hopper Bottom Liquid Storage

Ultimate Storage

Meridian Liquid hopper bins are the ultimate storage bins, taking versatility and multi-purpose to the extreme. In addition to storing all the dry flowable products of the fertilizer series, these bins are designed, engineered and painted to store a whole range of liquid products such as liquid fertilizer, liquid feed supplements and honey. With the exception of the bottom flange plate assembly, these bins look identical to the fertilizer bins, differing significantly however, in heavier gauge steel, welded inside and out, four coats of powder and other standard features.

Great Features, Great Quality

  • Minimum 12-gauge construction
  • Welded – Inside and Outside
  • Interior has 2 coats of Meridian’s epoxy powder
  • Exterior has 2 coats of Meridian’s exclusive premium powder finish with a Zinc undercoat
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder
  • Heavy Duty flange bottom opening with Stainless Steel Bottom Plate