Non-Stiffened & Stiffened Farm Hopper Bins

Brock Quality Means Secure Storage and More for Your Money

Below is a sampling of the many unique Brock features offered on BROCK® On-Farm Hopper Tanks:

  • A grain bin-style roof with a higher load rating is standard on larger diameter hopper bin models; economical hopper bin-style roof is standard for smaller models.
  • Patented BROCK® Eave-Vent System provides more total bin ventilation and eliminates roof cuts.
  • Gravity roof ventilators provide free air movement into the bin. Round mushroom-style (shown) and elbow-style vents are available.
  • Top quality prime steel sidewall body sheets with a tensile strength up to 65 ksi (448 Mpa).
  • Identification codes on every body sheet identify manufacturing date, part number, and steel gauge.
  • Sidewalls are assembled using Brock’s high-strength Grade 8.2 bin seal bolts with special JS-1000™ weather-resistant coating.
  • Optional Grade 8.2 polypropylene-encapsulated head bolts provide enhanced corrosion resistance.
  • Optional sidewall ladders, as well as safety cages and rest platforms, conform to OSHA standards and are fabricated from galvanized steel for long-lasting service.
  • Ladder safety cage is standard for ladders on bins with an eave height of over 20 feet (6.1 meters).
  • Side ladders allow plenty of space between rungs and bin wall for a secure footing.
  • Brock’s ACCESS PLUS® Hopper Access Door gives easy access to the interior of the holding tank’s hopper.
  • Sturdy “X” bracing between legs gives additional bin strength. Bracing is simple to assemble and offers easy access to boot.
  • Bin legs are formed from all-galvanized steel for superior fit, durability, and strength.
  • Bin anchor system securely fastens the bin to the foundation and is designed to withstand winds up to 90 mph (145 kph).
  • BROCK® field-proven GUARDIAN® Series Fans are designed for maximum in-bin aeration efficiency.
  • The hopper’s discharge opening may be equipped with heavy-duty rack and pinion or roller unloading gates.
  • Available options include a variety of components for bin boots and auger systems.