StorMax Temperature Monitoring Cables

StorMax Retractable Temperature Cables

Monitored bins consist of one or more cables per bin, with each cable having temperature sensors at 4’ or 6’ marked spacing. Bases on our industry-leading digital technology, a series of cables may be interconnected to a convenient location for simplicity of installation and service.

Our exclusive series of retractable temperature cables features a reliable two-part design, with an outer structural tube that provides strength and protection for the inner sensing element. Sensing elements can be quickly and easily replace, regardless whether the bin is empty of full.

Moisture Cable

Compatible with all OPI systems, the OPI moisture cable is a valuable tool for your advanced grain management system. Monitor temperature and humidity to calculate grain moisture content throughout the bin to manage all in-bin drying and conditioning applications.

Combine with automated fan control systems from the highest degree of moisture control and accuracy on the market.

The OPI moisture cable has sensors placed on the cable commonly at 4’ intervals in farm applications and 6’ intervals in commercial applications. Moisture cables are used in grain depths up to 85’.

Each sensor consists of a relative humidity sensor encapsulated in a protective shell with a sintered filter that protects the sensor from dust and contamination, while allowing for instantaneous readings.

By measuring the relative humidity in the airspace around the grain, we are able to determine grain moisture content with a high degree of accuracy.

Each sensor node also includes a temperature and humidity sensor, so that temperature, relative humidity and moisture content can be read through the bin.