Meridian Belt Conveyors

A leader in grain handling equipment innovation and manufacturing for over 60 years, Meridian is focused on helping our customers work safely and more efficiently. Our conveyors attest to this and boast new product features that will help get the job done season after season. Meridian conveyors come equipped with a cross cleated belt, designed to handle your produce more gently, virtually eliminating cleat “vacuum” at the discharge end. Our conveyors also feature a spring loaded stainless steel tension system positioned before the discharge, keeping the new cross cleated belt running smooth and in place. Meridian conveyors have a no-spill and easy clean out bottom which nearly eliminates the chance of cross contamination.


  • 6,100 bu/hr of soybeans while filling a truck with a 35 ft conveyor at 400 ft/min
  • 3,500 bu/hr of soybeans at 38 degrees with a 65 ft conveyor at 400 ft/min

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty, fully enclosed construction
  • Meridian 2-Ply 16″ Rubber Cleated Belt
  • Approximately 400 ft/min belt speed
  • Configurable to your length requirements
  • Canvas hopper (approximately 28″ wide, 36″ long)
  • Hand Crank winch (up to 45 ft.)

Product Downloads